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Alexa Traffic Rank: What It Is And Why You Should Care (or Not)

Alexa Traffic Rank: What It Is And Why You Should Care (or Not)

Alexa is an Amazon owned company that's famous for its public site visitors rating service via its alexa.com internetsite. Internetsite promotion guides typically make a giant deal about how you can enhance your Alexa ranking because a prime position is commonly related to high profits. As a new netmaster, you need to understand just a few crucial points about Alexa's service. This article will clarify what the info collected by Alexa imply and then describe why it's best to care or not.

There are three numbers that Alexa reports, attain, page views and general rank. Attain refers back to the share of all internet users that visited your site. Alexa reports this number as "reach per million users." For instance if Alexa reports a reach of 1, it signifies that on common out of one million net surfers one visits your site. Web page views merely measures the common number of pages a surfer examines when at your internetsite. These sites with quite a lot of content material and focused visitors are inclined to generate a larger number of web page views. The overall Alexa rank is a mix of the reach and page views numbers such that the larger both of them are the lower the site's rank might be; for Alexa, a smaller rank signifies a more necessary website. Alexa reports these numbers for every day, one week and three month averages and the general change over a three month period. So, how does Alexa collect these knowledge?

On a daily basis, Alexa collects statistics in regards to the number of tourists and page views for every netsite on the Internet. Truly, it doesn't have information for all of the sites. You see, knowledge assortment happens via net surfers that have downloaded and put in the Alexa toolbar for their Internet Explorer browser. When one among these users visits and explores a site, the toolbar sends this information to Alexa's servers. What this means for internetmasters is that solely these sites visited by customers which have decided to install the toolbar will actually have information collected for them. In addition, since only a somewhat small subset of all attainable Web surfers actually makes use of the toolbar, the ranking is a statistical common that's not essentially a real indication of the standard and number of a site's readers. In reality, the number is really inaccurate for sites with a small number of tourists and Alexa admits that this is true for those sites not in the prime a hundred,000.

To make matters worse, the toolbar is simply available for Internet Explorer. In fact, IE is the browser used by the vast majority of Internet users with data showing that it is utilized by about eighty three% of them (onestat.com). This is not an issue unless your viewers is more more likely to be within the other 17% of surfers, i.e., those who want to use Firefox, Safari, Opera or another different browser. For example, slashdot.org is a technology news site with an viewers that is known to be very anti-Microsoft; Slashdot's motto is "News for nerds. Stuff that matters." One expects that most of its users would use any browser other than IE and in fact it was recently posted that an estimated 65% of Slashdot's readers use a browser aside from IE. As of this writing (July 12, 2006), Slashdot's ranking was 176 with a attain of 5450 per million surfers. Slashdot is known for something called the "Slashdot impact" that's when a narrative on the front web page links to a site, it receives so many guests that the servers typically are not able to handle the sudden enhance in traffic. In other words, I'd anticipate that Alexa's rank is actually an underestimate of Slashdot's true rank.

From a statistics point of view, alexa boost up's rank cannot be considered an unbiased statistical measure. The pattern of people utilized by Alexa for gathering information just isn't a randomly chosen set however fairly it is biased towards customers of Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer as well as those that are keen to put in the toolbar and submit to Alexa information about their shopping behavior. If your viewers is much like Slashdot's then don't count on accurate results. Anticipate the identical if your viewers consists of people who find themselves pro-privacy and would by no means install a toolbar that calls house making their searching conduct identified to a big corporation.